If you have recently been injured in a car collision, the best way to ensure that you receive compensation for the injuries and any financial losses that you have suffered may be to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accidents. In order for the lawyer to best assist you, he or she is going to need to fully understand the facts surrounding your situation. In order to do this, there are a few key details that the attorney is going to need to know, including the following:

1. When Exactly the Collision Took Place.

When it comes to a car accident lawsuit, one of the most important details of the case is when the collision occurred. There is a certain law called the statute of limitations that provides victims a certain amount of time after the accident occurs to file a legal claim. Once this timeframe passes, the victim has no legal right to file a lawsuit any longer. Each state's statute of limitations is different, so it is critical that you know when the accident occurred to ensure you are filing within the permitted timeframe.

2. The Events That Took Place Immediately After the Collision.

It is also important to remember what events transported immediately following the crash. These events can have a direct impact on your lawsuit if you decide to file one. An example would be if you decided to apologize to the other driver involved in the accident. This can later be used against you in trial as an admission of fault. While you may have simply been being kind at the time, it won't be seen that way in the courtroom and the other attorney won't make it seem that way.

3.The Full Magnitude of Your Financial Losses and Injuries.

To determine whether a lawsuit is even a viable option for you, it is important for an attorney to see the severity of the financial losses as well as the injuries that you have suffered from the accident. This includes everything from lost wages, medical bills and vehicle damage to things like emotional injuries, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium, if applicable.

4. Whether Any Laws Were Broken When The Collision Occurred.

In order for the attorney to be able to represent you properly, it is crucial that he or she knows whether or not you were violating any laws at the time the car crash occurred. This is true even if the accident wasn't your fault. So, if you were speeding, driving drunk or violating any other law of the road, it is important to let your lawyer know. It may increase your percentage of fault in the accident, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it will keep you from recovering compensation for your injuries. 

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