If you had a home inspection completed and the inspector didn't find major roof damage that you now have to pay for, you want to get a lawyer. If you paid for the inspection and you trusted that the home was in good condition when you purchased it, paying for the roofing repairs may be unmanageable and unfair.

There are a variety of things that you'll want to bring when you go to meet with the lawyer, and you'll want to be prepared to take the home inspection company to court. Here are a few of the things you'll want to consider when meeting with your lawyer.

Documents to Bring

To speed up the process of getting the case started there are some documents you should have for your first consultation. These documents include:

Copy of the check, credit card receipt or bill from the inspector showing that the services were paid for and how much it was, the detailed and documented inspection results, the current quote from the roofing company stating the damages that are throughout the roof of the property, and the cost for the repairs. With these documents the lawyers can see how much you paid, what areas of the home were inspected, and what problems are now left for your to deal with.

Finances You Want Reimbursed

There are a variety of funds that you want to get back, and that you to be paid since the home inspection company provided a faulty inspection. You should tell your lawyer you want the following:

  • Refund from the inspection
  • Cost to repair the current roofing problems and for the roofing inspection
  • Money for the stress and other damages the roofing problems may have caused

Your lawyer may have their own suggestions for what they think you should try to get, and for what they think you can expect.

The cost to repair a roof can be thousands of dollars, and if the roofing problem has been an issue for years there could be lots of other damage throughout the attic and the structure of the home. You don't want to be stuck paying for all of these repairs right after you purchase the home, and you may have asked the seller to reduce the sale price or do the repairs before you bought it if you would have known. Call a lawyer and plead your case right away to get the roof fixed and to get your money.