If your loved one passed recently, you have likely spent most of your time planning a memorial service and making arrangements for the funeral. Now that the funeral and burial have taken place and you no longer need to make any additional arrangements, you should contact a probate lawyer. The probate lawyer is the kind of lawyer to contact when you want to make sure the proper steps are taken after losing a loved one. There are certain things that many people forget to do after a person dies because they did not realize the importance of those things.

1. Have Your Loved One's Will Filed

Did your deceased loved one complete a living will at some point? If so, you want to make sure that everything in the will is honored. The easiest way to honor your loved one's requests it to file the living will with the probate court in your area, and you can do that with help from a probate lawyer who has experience with completing all the paperwork that is involved. After the proper paperwork is filed, notices are sent out to creditors and the beneficiaries who will receive some of the estate that was left behind. The beneficiaries can receive the money that the deceased person chose to leave behind for them in a matter of just a few months.

2. Get Professional Legal Advice

Some situations are easier to handle than others. Unfortunately, some beneficiaries do not long get along with one another. As a result, they may want to file disputes if they believe that they are entitled to more than what they are currently set to receive. When these types of situations do occur, it is good to have a probate lawyer around because the lawyer can offer professional advice on how to effectively handle the situation with the least amount of stress possible.

3. Get Help With Completing the Deceased Person's Taxes

If your deceased loved one did work for several months throughout the year before he or she passed away, taxes must be filed. Most people do not realize this, and they forget to complete the filing process on behalf of the deceased. If you do not know much about filing taxes for someone who has passed away, the probate lawyer can walk you through the specific steps you will need to take while helping you access the information you need to have to complete the tax return.

When someone passes away, it is beneficial to hire a probate lawyer to help with several tasks. Probate law services can make sure the living will gets filed with the probate court, provide professional advice on how to handle sticky situations with beneficiaries, and even assist you with completing your deceased loved one's taxes.