Emotional abuse is often included in child custody disputes. When somebody alleges that one parent is being emotionally abused by another, it is reasonable that it becomes a consideration in court.

Do you have questions about getting custody when your ex is perpetuating emotional abuse? Here's what you need to know.

Evaluation May Be Necessary

You may find that it is important to have somebody available to evaluate your situation. An evaluator can help demonstrate the truth to a judge.

For example, you may need an evaluation to prove that your child has experienced emotional abuse. Not only that, but you may need to demonstrate that the child was emotionally abused by your ex and not you.

The evaluator is neutral and unbiased, which makes them helpful in child custody cases.

Your Child May Be Assigned a Guardian

In some cases, the judge determines that the child will be issued a guardian ad litem, or a person who will represent your child's best interests. This individual is a representative for the child and analyzes the entire case.

If this happens, it is smart to have a lawyer on your side. You need to have a legal professional to help you navigate the questions a guardian may bring up.

Expect Witnesses

Child custody cases can get very contentious. It is important that you discuss potential witnesses with your lawyer. Your lawyer will call witnesses who can attest to the emotional abuse your child has experienced at the hands of your ex.

Your lawyer will also prepare you for the chance that your ex may call witnesses in their favor as well. Could your ex bring somebody forward who will not only refute your claims but even proclaim that you are the one who is abusive? Your lawyer will ready you for this possibility.

Child Custody Is Complicated

Custody can get complex, especially when abuse is involved. It is important that you understand the role of the family courts: to consider the child's best interests. The judge needs to consider the complex situation and make a decision based on the evidence shown. Make sure that you have the evidence you need to make your claims stand.

Child Custody Lawyers Can Help

Child custody lawyers see cases like yours all the time, and they know how to deal with them. If you are trying to pursue a child custody case in a situation involving emotional abuse, speak with a lawyer to work toward a favorable conclusion.

To learn more, contact a child custody lawyer.