Successfully completing school is not an easy task for kids and this can be even harder when there is a learning disability involved. When a child has a learning disability, they might find it difficult to keep up with the pace their teacher is going to train the class in general. For example, if the teacher asks each child to take turns reading a few lines from a book, a learning disability could interfere with the ability to do so. In such a case, the child might end up being made fun of and failing their course, which could have been prevented via a special education program. If you have attempted to get your child accepted into a special education program and were denied, it is time to consult with a lawyer.

Discussing an IEP with School Administrators

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is one of the topics that a lawyer will discuss with the school administrators on your behalf. However, they will first prove that your child needs special education. You might be asked for evidence to prove that your child has a learning disability so the lawyer can present the evidence to the school administrators. If the administrators agree that your child has a learning disability, the next step will be producing an education plan that you feel comfortable with for your child. You, the lawyer, and the school administrators will come up with the IEP as a team.

Addressing Your Child Getting Bullied

If you have addressed your concerns about your child getting bullied and were ignored by school administrators, a lawyer can help. The situation is even more serious if you believe your child's teacher is one of the individuals who has been contributing to the bullying. The first step regarding the situation will be for your lawyer to discuss the bullying with school administrators, as the teacher and students can be reprimanded for their actions. If the school does not take your concerns seriously, the lawyer will take further legal action.

Taking Your Education Concerns to Court

If all else fails when trying to come to a resolution regarding your child's education and the bullying, a lawyer will begin a legal dispute in court. If the case goes to court, you might be able to get compensation for the pain and suffering endured due to the school's negligence towards your child and the stress caused by the situation.

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