Domestic violence allegations are some of the most serious charges any man or woman can face in life. Not only can a conviction cost the accused up to a year of his or her life in prison, it might also include thousands of dollars in punitive damages. On top of all this, a domestic violence conviction can also lead to a revocation of certain licenses, including your drivers license, and potentially licenses in the fields of medicine, real estate, and the law. 

However, worse than all of the above is that a person may suffer such consequences when he or she is innocent of any such crime. If you are facing domestic violence charges, enlisting the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney can help you clear your name. The following outlines the two most common defense strategies for combating domestic violence charges.

Simple Jealousy

In the absence of physical lacerations, bruises, or other injuries, it is often clear that domestic violence allegations are simply a function of jealousy. Although you may be guilty of infidelity, cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend is not a punishable crime, and certainly carries no fines or jail time. 

If you fear your ex lover is simply on a mission to destroy your life because you were unfaithful, a domestic violence attorney may be able to prove the accusations against you are false. Sometimes, this is as simple as contacting past love interests and looking for similar behavior on the part of the plaintiff. 

Custody Disputes 

Domestic violence charges are often used as a form of leverage in custody disputes. Divorces can be bitter, upsetting, and frustrating for both parties, but when one spouse feels cheated regarding child custody, he or she may fabricate domestic violence allegations in an effort to sway the courts in his or her favor. By alleging that the accused became verbally or even physically abusive, the accusing spouse hopes to win favor with the courts by showing that he or she is the emotionally stable, and ultimately more suitable, parent. 

Fortunately, criminal defense attorneys are experienced in dealing with these sorts of disputes and can help prove your innocence by having a medical professional assess the plaintiff's injuries. Science can reveal a great deal of information about one's injuries, including what caused them, their age, and even if they were self inflicted. 

In the end, criminal defense attorneys understand that not all domestic violence charges have real substance, and that many times, simple jealousy or a custody dispute cause disgruntled lovers to make accusations that simply are not true. (For more information, contact or another firm)