Couples going through a divorce may think that they can navigate the process themselves, and don't need an attorney to guide them through it. But having an expert in family law by your side during the divorce process offers numerous advantages. Take a look below at just four reasons why you shouldn't hesitate to contact a local family lawyer. 

Judicial Requirements

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a family lawyer is that you'll then be able to begin the mediation process. While this is important for a number of reasons - including those reasons discussed below - in many states attending a mediation is actually a legal requirement. Many courts may refuse to hand down rulings on divorce cases until the couple has attended at least one mediation with an attorney. 

Neutral Advice

One of the biggest downfalls of not hiring an attorney during divorce is that you begin to make decisions in a vacuum, with no knowledge of what outcomes are expected, which offers are reasonable, and what your partner is willing to compromise. But a family lawyer can give neutral advice during the process, and you can rest assured that they have your best interests in mind. Furthermore, they can be a valuable channel of communication between you and your spouse when tensions are high.

For the Kids

Above all else, hiring a family lawyer benefits just that - your family. When kids are involved in a divorce, things can become exponentially more difficult. Not only are things such as child support and custody suddenly among the biggest problems to be solved, but the emotional distress experienced by the parents is often indirectly projected onto their kids. Having a lawyer present to smooth over tensions and negotiate sensitive issues means that both parties are less stressed, and that their children are able to see the divorce as a necessary transition, rather than a cataclysmic change.


The decisions that come out of mediation are almost always as detailed as those arrived at through litigation, but occur in a fraction of the time and at a significantly lesser cost. If you want a relatively quick and painless divorce, but would still like an attorney to mediate important decisions, hiring a family lawyer is easily the most cost-effective option. Whereas litigation can often be expensive and drawn-out over the course of several months, a few mediation sessions can accomplish all of a couple's goals far more quickly. Contact a local lawyer, like LaCroix & Hand PC, for more information.