Being arrested for a DUI is a very serious offense. This is especially the case if you are a multiple-time offender. It can also be a frightening experience. However, there are some things you can expect after being pulled over for drunk driving. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few of those things.

Sobriety Test

If an officer suspects you of driving under the influence, he or she can administer a field sobriety test. If an officer requests that you perform a field sobriety test, he or she is invoking an implied consent law. Under the rubric of implied consent, this means that if you do not agree to the terms of a field sobriety test, then you can have your license automatically suspended. There are a number of different tests that can be administered under the rubric of a field sobriety test, including a standard test (which include a series of motor skill tests) or a breathalyzer test, in which your BAC is determined by blowing into a device.

Taken To The Station

If you failed the administered DUI test or refused consent, you will be taken to the station or precinct to be held in custody. The length for which you are held in custody differs, although generally speaking you are held until someone picks you up from the station or until the morning when you are sober enough to leave the station. It should be noted that during your time at the station, your vehicle was likely impounded, so it would behoove you to contact a friend or relative who can pay the amount to have your car freed.


If you have been charged with a DUI, it is highly recommended that you seek out the services of a DUI attorney from a company like Eaby Firm LLC. In court, a DUI attorney can adequately argue in favor of you, or in some cases, strike a deal with the state prosecutor such that you do not have to face a court date to begin with. This latter option is quite prevalent among first time offenders and usually requires that you perform a certain amount of community service, attend an alcohol counseling course, or both. If the matter does go to court and you are convicted, you could find yourself subject to fines, jail time, and a suspended license.

Experiencing a DUI is something that no one particularly wants. It is highly recommended that you take a preventative approach to the matter and refrain from driving while intoxicated.