The feeling that you need to do something to defend yourself while you wait for the time to go by before a criminal hearing may be strong. From the perspective of a criminal defense lawyer, though, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and not much that can pay off during this time.

What should you do during this time? The answers largely make a list of things you shouldn't do, so take a look at what you should and shouldn't do in the time running up to a hearing.

Don't Try to Convince Anyone of Your Innocence

Until you get to the initial arraignment hearing in front of a judge, no one can make your situation better if you just explain to them what's going on. Whether you are currently in jail awaiting trial or at home on bail, refrain from discussing the case with anyone but your criminal defense lawyer. Don't even converse with folks who've been in similar situations.

Limit Calls, Texts, and Letters

There is a good chance the prosecution can obtain records or copies of any of these items. Even if you think something represents a casual conversation, you don't want to discuss it if it's remotely related to the case. A text that might seem fine to you could be cast in an entirely different light in court.

Avoid Contact with Witnesses and Alleged Victims

The line between talking with somebody and witness tampering or victim intimidation is thin. And the folks who might decide to throw another charge on the pile for either of these perceived offenses are the same people who charged you with a crime in the first place.

If you must talk with someone who is part of the case, do it through a lawyer. For example, someone accused of domestic violence may also be dealing with a divorce or child custody dispute. They should have an attorney for that case, too, and they can communicate about essential issues with the other party through counsel.

Be Patient

The legal system takes time. You're going to face a process of going through arraignment and initial hearings before there will even be any talk of a trial. Hopefully, your criminal lawyer can chip away at the case before it makes it that far so the judge will dismiss. Regardless, the best thing you can do is to stay as calm and patient as possible while the process moves forward.

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