If you have reached a certain age or suffer from a physical or mental condition that interferes with your ability to work, you may qualify to receive payments from the Social Security Administration. Hiring a lawyer who deals with issues that involve Social Security payments can increase your chances of getting the benefits that you need to pay for medical bills, housing costs, and other expenses in your life. Here are just a few ways that a Social Security attorney can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Explain the Process

Trying to claim Social Security benefits can sometimes be a daunting task, and your attorney can help you sort through many of the complex details. Your Social Security lawyer will explain the eligibility requirements and help you fill out the forms that are needed to process your claim. Any hard-to-understand terms that you come across will be explained thoroughly by your attorney to clear up any confusion.

Communicate with the Social Security Administration

It can be difficult to reach people at the Social Security Administration to answer questions and express concerns. Your lawyer can save you the trouble by communicating with the Social Security Administration on your behalf. Your attorney will know exactly what to say when corresponding with the administration to get the answers that you need. Your legal representative can also put pressure on the administration to process your claim faster so that you can hopefully get your money sooner. 

Dispute a Claim Denial

A Social Security claim can be denied for many reasons, and your lawyer will find out why your claim may have been denied and work toward a resolution so that you can receive your payments. Any evidence that is needed to support your claim will be gathered and submitted by your attorney to the Social Security Administration for further review. If you wish to appeal a claim denial in court, your Social Security attorney can act as your representative and prepare a case that is intended to help you get a ruling in your favor.

Inform You of Your Rights

Your Social Security attorney can explain your legal rights in full detail and will work hard to make sure that yours are never violated when going through the process of getting Social Security benefits. If you and your attorney believe that your benefits were denied or reduced because of unfair discrimination, the appropriate measures can be taken to correct the situation so that you can get what you justly deserve. 

Hiring a Social Security attorney can eliminate much of the hassle that is usually involved in claiming Social Security benefits. The right attorney will serve as your personal advocate and will work hard to make sure that you are always treated in a just manner by the system.

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